Rachelle H.

United Kingdom

A Year to Save Her Life

I am writing this comeback story for my youngest child.

Rachelle is the most phenomenal individual you will ever come across. She always puts herself last and fights for any and everyone despite having suffered severe trauma herself.

We lost Rachelle’s father and then three years later my eldest daughter. In the midst of such pain, she still managed to graduate at the top of her class, become a barrister at the young age of 22 and work at the International Criminal Court fighting for justice.

Unfortunately, last year her big sister became terminally ill with cancer. Rachelle did not hesitate in quitting her job and putting all her time and money into caring for her sister, becoming her full-time carer. Unfortunately, my daughter passed away and left a gaping hole in all of our hearts and two beautiful little boys without a mother. Rachelle has once again been there for her nephews and brother in law to this very day.

Rachelle has gained a significant amount of weight as a result of the emotional stressors in her life. Our family that once consisted of 6 people is now just 3 and Rachelle has put all her time into us, whilst neglecting herself.

I want to make it clear that my daughter is beautiful and gorgeous at any size but she has been noticing a change in her health which she wants to change. She wants to make sure she is around for the people who love her, live life to the fullest and not have any restrictions to her movements due to her size.

Rachelle is embarking on a journey entitled “A Year to Save My Life” and would love if Peloton would help her meet her goals. She has finally got the time and energy to invest in herself, to fight for herself and to go on this big journey.

My daughter is currently unable to attend gyms to work out outside of the home as she is looking after me during this pandemic and would never risk my life for the sake of her own to want to get healthy, so I would love to bring the gym to her.


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