Michelle D.

United Kingdom

Wonder Woman

I’m nominating my cousin Michelle as she has faced more adversity in the last few years than most of us could bear. At the age of 35 and mother of 2 boys, Michelle became pregnant with twins. The pregnancy was a really tough one and the twins were not expected to survive. Against all odds, Max & Finn arrived safely, though the trauma of the pregnancy had taken its toll on Michelle who was now suffering from Bells Palsy.

Undeterred (& desperate for a baby girl) Michelle became pregnant again. Rosa was diagnosed with down’s syndrome as well as a heart defect and underwent major surgery in late 2019.

Turning 40 and now a mother of 5, Michelle sought solace in exercise, using what little time she could eke out in the early hours of the morning to get to the gym. She completely transformed herself physically and mentally.

Then 2020 came along. With the twins’ health issues and Rosa having just had major surgery the family has been forced into isolation. For Michelle, this has meant not getting to go to the gym which has become so important to her.

Access to Peloton would be a game-changer for Michelle. With severely limited time and such an incredible family, Michelle deserves to be able to continue on her path of physical & mental wellbeing. Peloton would provide her with the flexibility to do this.

I’ve called this nomination wonder woman but it really should include wonder man and wonder kids. Her husband Kenny has been a complete rock during these tough years and the kids are 5 of the happiest you will ever meet. As an example of what type of family this is, during lockdown, they received a lot of support from a local charity and once lockdown eased, Sam (age 9) decided to walk 100 miles to raise money for them. He raised over £3,500 in the end!

I hope you agree, this comeback isn’t just for Michelle but for Kenny and eventually Sam and the other boys. The family deserve some recognition and the freedom Peloton provides to look after themselves and each other.


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