Victoria K.

United Kingdom

Victoria's Story

My nomination has to be for my astounding sister, Victoria. As a Nurse, Victoria already dedicates her life to helping and supporting others. She works tirelessly to ensure the people she cares for are safe, protected and comforted during their darkest days. A skill and passion she embodies day in, day out and one that truly astounds me. However, not long after getting married and embarking on a complicated renovation of a new home, she was diagnosed with cancer. Aged 33. We were torn apart but, as always, she carried on with the grace and strength of the warrior she is. She kept working, kept nursing, kept caring and kept putting others before herself. She battled the treatment and started to see brighter days ahead.
Her partner and recent husband had other ideas, he couldn’t cope, he made poor choices and he left. Faced with a body and home that needs rebuilding, she battles on despite the challenges, heartbreaks, setbacks and bitter cruelties of the hands she’s been dealt, she still fights forward. In recovery from cancer, COVID struck, as always she puts others first, she is running vaccine clinics immunising up to 70 UK patients daily and managing a wider team of others doing the same. She knows the risks and increased vulnerability post-cancer yet she continues. She has more recently pursued cycling, but with a smaller space due to a bad “case of the ex” and more limited finances, she doesn’t have the opportunity to get a Peloton. When I hear stories of other riders, see the hashtags and feel the spirit of the community I KNOW it will do amazing things to keep her motivated, to keep pushing forward on her new journey to health and happiness. She more than anyone I know deserves the opportunity to feel alive, to experience the fun and to celebrate her own survival story through the community Peloton has built. I would love her to have just one small joy after a number of years of sadness. She deserves it and I know she’ll ride into her life of joy.


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