Priya A.

United Kingdom

Training to trample on Cancer; getting fit for a Stem-Cell transplant

My best friend and now gorgeous fiancée, Priya, was only 22 when first diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. She was told this was the good cancer. From 2012 onwards she fought with multiple rounds of chemotherapy and in 2017 underwent a very challenging stem cell transplant- this was a month in hospital with the bonus of putting on 20kg in weight.

Unfortunately, in 2020 she suffered a second relapse and had started more chemotherapy. This rendered her so tired that climbing stairs seemed a task. The nausea was terrible, eating just wasn’t a question. The positive vibes were never lost, and we set up our first fundraiser for the Royal Marsden Charity, raising £600 in one weekend.

A particular scare in 2020 for Priya has been the risk of COVID-19, which has meant continuous shielding as chemotherapy significantly weakened her immune system. She had to cancel her gym membership, but thankfully, a glorious and long 2020 summer allowed her to safely get outside and exercise and cycle in isolation which has really helped. The doctors however say that to have a chance of beating this thing for good she would need another Stem Cell transplant after this chemo. This means weeks in hospital over Christmas. Priya has been inspired by how much exercise has helped her mental health and physical wellbeing. She is always ready to train- but feels stuck as she can’t risk even minor colds from the winter weather and public gyms are obviously a no-no. The doctors and the wider research now support better outcomes of cancer treatment following vigorous cardio training.

I think Peloton could change Priya’s life - to achieve both her fitness goals and possibly be a step closer beating cancer this time around. Priya is a wonderful person, fiancée and friend to so many. She wants to continue to raise money towards Cancer charities and already dreams of fundraising for CRUK through a sponsored indoor cycling marathon this winter!


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