Mandip K.

United Kingdom

Thank you for saving our family!

I was 11 years old when my brother passed away from muscular dystrophy. My mum and dad went into depression and wouldn't leave the house or talk to anyone. My sister (9 years older) decided that she wouldn't pursue further education in order to help the family. She started working full-time, provided for the family, took care of my parents, handled all the finances in the house and went from being my sister to my second mum. She sacrificed her youth and instantly matured because she wanted to do what was best for the family. She helped my mum through depression by getting her part-time work. She helped built my dad's confidence levels so that he could return to work and put herself last. She would often buy nice things for me as opposed to herself. I even remember her cancelling her gym membership so she could buy me a gameboy for my birthday!

I have so much that I could write about her and her sacrifices, but the hardest hitting truth is if it wasn't for her and her sacrifices, our family wouldn't be here.

I would love this story to earn her a bike as I feel it is exactly what she needs right now. A way to focus on herself, get fit and improve herself mentally. Thank you!


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