Mark H.

United Kingdom

Story of Mark

My Name is Christopher and I met now my husband in 2016, I proposed to him in may 2017 as I knew he was my best friend and so strong and caring and always put others before himself. Mark is an RAF Veteran and is proud of serving his country and working with the USA over the years. Cutting two years of Mark suffering where he was hit in the face by a thug and broke all of Mark's teeth and he had to have false teeth put in at age of 35, which really knocked his confidence. In 2018, Mark’s left leg gave way as he was walking up the stairs and he fell to the bottom, he was rushed to hospital by air ambulance where at first they said he had to wear a neck brace but everything else was fine. After four months of spine pain, losing the feeling in his left leg and Mark being put on considerable high doses of morphine and ketamine. They found he had a spur in the bottom of his spine and needed to operate, but by this time due to not being able to move or walk he gained so much weight. they tried doing spinal injections to which nothing worked and his pain increased to this day and his weight lost control. He couldn't go the gym to exercise on the bike due to COVID and the hospital can't do anything till he loses the weight. He can't walk far for the pain and now feels so uncomfortable going out due to his pain and weight gain. He only receives a disabled war pension and he served 16 years in the RAF until he was medically discharged due to injuries sustained in the RAF. Mark is on reduced healthy diet and he tried doing stuff in the back garden but it's hard for him. He has wanted a Peloton bike for the past two years and has tried saving but he never reaches anywhere close due to him always putting others first. I know this will change his life and he will use it every day if not twice a day. I want my husband to live a long happy life and right now without help he won't make another two years.


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