Moira T.

United Kingdom

Stepping up for yourself

This is my mum, Moira.
My mum is an inspiration...she’s my hero. She has come back time and time again, from a toxic relationship, from poor health - the amazing thing about my mum is that every time she gets knocked down she gets right back up again. But that isn’t why I’m nominating her...I’m nominating her because of what she does. My mum Moira, or Ms Taylor, is a high school teacher.
Throughout COVID she has battled working conditions to turn up each and every day for the kids, despite slowly trying to retire. She is a teacher in a rural school in the middle of nowhere in the north east of Scotland...the pupils here don’t have much so sometimes struggle to see the benefit of education. She never switches off 24/7 to infect kids with her enthusiasm, to make school a safe and fun place and to persevere through COVID restrictions. At school she is also the child protection officer for the area, meaning she is responsible for particularly vulnerable kids who perhaps don’t have a safe or loving home life. She is everyone’s carer, everyone’s guardian angel and everyone’s hero. However, it’s not easy...and rest assured she’s not perfect.
She calls me in tears because her internet isn’t she walks 3 miles to school. She gets so angry with not understanding online meeting she takes courses. Time and time again my mum steps up for so so many people but nobody ever steps up for her.
Recently my mum started to step up for herself. She lives alone - my brothers and I moved out a long time ago and during COVID lockdowns she has found it very lonely without visits from anyone because we live so far away. Yes she did wallow for a little while, but then she started exercising. She’s walking every day and loving the way it is making her feel. She is her own worst enemy and almost doesn’t believe she can do things, so it fills me with joy to see her surprise herself with what her 62yr old body can do.
Imagine her with a Peloton...!! Unstoppable


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