Martin & Siobhan M.

United Kingdom

Siobhan and Martin's Story

Siobhan and Martin are the kindest and most positive people you could meet but the last few years have presented many obstacles. Siobhan’s mother passed away in 2013, with Siobhan and Martin moving back to the family home to help care for her and her grieving father. Further unhappiness was forced upon them in 2018 when Siobhan’s only sister died suddenly, aged 43, following a long battle with mental and physical illness. The couple supported her father through this awful time and helped him to cope with the aftermath.
A former GB Physio, an old Karate injury finally resulted in Martin receiving a hip replacement shortly before his 60th birthday in 2020. After two years of being unable to exercise, and living with increasing pain and decreasing energy, Martin was looking forward to focusing on rehabilitation. The universe had other plans; as Siobhan’s father, entered palliative care. Having a funeral in the 1st week of lockdown meant only Siobhan and Martin could attend. Following this sadness and a stressful year keeping a ceramics business going, Siobhan and Martin have been dealing with their grief, when further drama hit. In January 2021, Martin collapsed with 32 pulmonary embolisms, he was kept alive thanks to Siobhan’s past as a retained firefighter with that calmness and training remaining with her even at this most difficult time. Martin was rushed to hospital and saved by the NHS who said he was half an hour from death. Daily exercise is the only hope if Martin is to fully recover, the medics suggest that it could be 2 years to reach fitness again. They are walking whenever the weather allows and if they were lucky enough to be chosen by Peloton the equipment and classes would be transformational for them. The mental and physical benefits of the Peloton will help the rehabilitation and allow them to power through to their future. The positive attitude shown by this amazing couple is something to be rewarded.


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