Robyn B.

United Kingdom

Robyn's Story

In 2017, my daughter Robyn fell over during a netball match, a game she had played for her university. Her health after that accident declined and she was misdiagnosed as having sciatica. She was put on strong painkillers with no effect and eventually after many months was sent for an MRI which showed a tumour in her lower spine. Robyn was told it was a rare form of cancer and she was sent to a specialist spinal hospital. After many invasive tests, she was diagnosed as having an Hemangioma in her S 1 which had to be removed or it would paralyse her. After a ten hour operation that had not been performed before in the UK, Robyn came round to find herself in terrible pain, unable to walk and had lost the use of bowel and bladder. She required three further operations and it took all her determination and strength some three months later to take her first steps and to be able with assistance to sit in a chair. The cocktail of drugs she had to take ravaged her body, causing her hip bones to crack, weight gain and acute mental health issues. Robyn, three years on, although registered disabled is holding down a demanding career. Her courage in the face of such adversity has been amazing and humbling. The exercise/physiotherapy Robyn is allowed is swimming and cycling. At university, she had always loved spinning classes and has started using a static bike. It would make a huge difference in her rehabilitation to be able to join the Peloton community.


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