Berta A.

United Kingdom

NHS Nurse - Getting My Life Back

I've been a nurse for 10 years, specialised in ECMO and worked in Intensive Care for the last 7, looking after the sickest of the sick patients. Me and my colleagues faced and we are still facing unprecedented challenges every single shift at work throughout this year, as we all battle this pandemic. All thanks to the support, kindness, team work, a lot of determination kept us all going on. When I talk about me I´m sure my colleagues feel the same, emotionally and physically drained. My family lives overseas and I haven't been able to see them for almost a year now. This year I prioritised work above everything else, I've stepped up every single day, making sure my patients got and are getting the care that they need, as well as supporting their families as able, making sure my colleagues feel safe and supported. But with the extreme work we faced this year I just forgot about me and my wellbeing, I've put my life on hold for my work. I didn’t make myself a priority, especially suffering from a chronic neurological condition and being active is one of the major pieces of advice from my doctors. But I kept going, not looking after myself, lost my confidence and self-esteem, leading a very sedentary life and gained over two stone. I don't recognize myself anymore. This is the complete opposite of what I used to be, but what I'm hoping is that with the Peloton family I can start to work on myself again. Now that we are finally seeing a light at the end of this tunnel, it's time to start working on me, this gift of the Peloton and the subscription that you are so kindly offering, being able to be part of your community and with your amazing instructors to help me to stay on track not only with my physical strength but also mentally and to keep motivating me to be a better part of myself. Nursing is my job, it's what I do, but after this year it would mean so much to me knowing that people care and that I would be able to try and feel like myself again.


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