Rupinder A.

United Kingdom

Never giving up

This submission is for my sister. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Within 4 days of her diagnosis, she underwent a 9-hour operation for it to be removed. She never once gave up or felt sorry for herself, she pushed herself to recover. Mind over matter was her view. A few months later, she was back in the hospital because of an infection that was serious in the operated area. She was in hospital again, this time for months, away from her husband and children. She battled through and then a few months later, another tumour was found. She had her third surgery and was made redundant after this because of her time off. Since then, she has picked herself up, raised money for brain tumour charities by walking (she used to be a keen runner but hasn’t been able to pick this back up). She’s arranged community events for her neighbours to bring some cheer to their lives during lockdown and is a constant positive force for her friends and family, always the first one to help, always thinking of new ways to help others.
I don’t have anything but complete respect and admiration for her bravery and resilience. To go through what’s she’s been through, each surgery, not knowing if she would make it through each time, the long term effects the surgery has had on her physical and mental well-being and to come out the other end of it, still more interested in helping others is truly amazing. To go out of her way to still try and bring some fun into the lives of others whilst many of us would have possibly felt sorry for ourselves and just done our own thing, is in view, deserving of consideration. She’s picking up her fitness again but has limited resources, the community would do so much for her. For her to receive something rather than always looking to provide for others would be fantastic and I would love for her to be considered. I know she thinks “I’m not special, they won’t consider me” so I’d like to show her she is very special and definitely worth considering!


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