Natalie L.

United Kingdom

Natalie - the rock and inspiration for all

I would like to nominate my best friend of 32 years Natalie for a Peloton. She is the most inspirational, strong person I have ever met. When she was three, her parents separated and she never saw her birth father until six years ago when she managed to get in touch with him. In the meantime, he married a lady who already had three sons, they went on to have a son together who was born on Natalie's 10th birthday. This hurt as she received a letter telling her this news yet she had not received any other contact from her father in this time. Natalie met Martyn in her teens and at 23 she had her first daughter Alex but that wasn't easy. She developed pre-eclampsia and delivered Alex seven weeks prematurely which was a terribly worrying time for them all. In 2005, Natalie was pregnant again with her second child and in June 2006 when she was full term and in early labour, she felt as if something wasn't right as the baby had stopped moving. She was taken into hospital where she was told baby Taylor had died and she then had to proceed to give birth to her precious son. This was devastating for everyone especially Natalie but, as usual, she was extremely strong and dealt with it, spending lots of time helping her family understand what happened whilst trying to accept this devastating situation herself. She then went on to have a miscarriage before she safely delivered another son in 2008, Harvey. No matter what has been thrown at her during her life, she is always so upbeat and positive and does everything she can to help people. In 2010, when she was preparing for her wedding she spent a lot of time exercising but over the past 3-4 years, she has been struggling to do any form of exercise. Her dad eventually came into her life but it has been mentally and physically challenging for her, although she never moans about her situation and the things she has had to deal with over the years. A Peloton would change her life for the better and give her some time to focus on herself.


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