Tonni P.

United Kingdom

My Wife

I would like to nominate my beautiful wife. In the last 11 years together, we have been through some wonderful highs and some awful lows. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 25 when our daughter was 9 months old. She faced this after watching her mum have treatment and get better the year before. Whilst going through treatment she was so strong, looking after our daughter Matilda and recovering from chemo, a double mastectomy and radiotherapy. In 2013, when Tonni was given the all-clear, her Mum was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. In 2018, her mum died. This broke the whole family's heart and Tonni struggled to come to terms with losing her mum. She misses her every second of every day. Last year, we bought a spin bike and Tonni downloaded the Peloton App, I have never seen her so motivated. The app has helped her mental health and confidence so much, she has got so much stronger and fitter in less than a year. Our daughter is inspired by her Mum’s attitude to looking after herself and wants to become “strong” too. They both quote the instructors on a daily basis! I wish I could get her a Peloton Bike, I know it would be her absolute dream. I know there will be so many deserving people but after so many years of stress, upset and worry I really feel she deserves this. For her to be able to ride on the Peloton leaderboard would encourage her fitness and health journey. Being part of the Peloton community with a Peloton Bike would really be something special to her.


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