Daure W.

United Kingdom

My Superhero Wife Saved Our Baby's Life

I'd like to nominate my wife, Dauré, as a comeback recipient. When I first met Dauré she loved the gym - she'd be smashing all kinds of classes, but her favourite was always spinning. This all came to a halt a few years down the line, as we had three kids and less time and money on our hands to get to the gym.
This may not be a particularly stand-out tale so far, many people make sacrifices when they start a family, but what sets Dauré apart is that she is a real life superhero. One evening last Spring our 12-day-old baby, Rosie, wasn’t very settled in her basket, so Dauré picked her up to comfort her. Soon after, Rosie went grey and stopped breathing. Dauré, without hesitation, began CPR while I called 999. After what felt like a lifetime, Rosie’s breathing started again - Dauré had saved her life!
Without Dauré, Rosie wouldn’t be here and as much as I know she doesn’t need reward and thanks for saving our daughter’s life, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve it. She deserves to be able to kickstart her own comeback, follow her passion and have some much-needed ‘me’ time, especially when she spends a lot of time taking Rosie to hospital for appointments for her now diagnosed heart arrhythmia.
In an effort to get her own fitness back on track Dauré bought an old spin bike and during lockdown downloaded the Peloton app and hit that old spin bike. Hard. The classes reignited her passion for exercise and she was so inspired by Peloton’s brilliant instructors, the progress she was making and the amazing Peloton community.
Unfortunately, the bike couldn’t hack the pace and after several attempts to fix it we’ve had to admit defeat. She’s really missing her spin classes and I know that getting THE Peloton bike would put a huge smile on her face. I hope you’ll consider her as one of your comeback recipients - it really would make her so happy and she would really appreciate the amazing gesture from Peloton after a really difficult year.



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