Sarah K.

United Kingdom

My sister’s cancer...

This is my sister Sarah with her three boys. A week ago she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer and has got to have a mastectomy. She’s on her own as her husband died four years ago.

She works full time in a school as a teaching assistant and does cleaning jobs at weekends and holidays to make sure her boys don’t go without. It’s a struggle even without the cancer diagnosis.

She’s a marathon runner and is the planning to run 2021 miles this year to raise funds for the cancer unit that’s treating her. She ran over 2020 miles last year, so she’ll smash this one. She runs because it helps mentally. However, she is worried about her fitness during her recovery. She won’t be able to run for about three months. But I’m thinking maybe a Peloton bike could help her with this. I think it would help enormously with her recovery as well as her mental health as she battles with this nightmare disease. It would also mean her boys could keep fit using it too. The other Peloton classes, yoga, pilates etc would be an enormous help to her too, along with the meditation classes.

Please consider Sarah for one of your bikes. I know she would cherish her own Peloton. It would be a way of keeping herself fit during her recovery and therefore would be one less thing for her to worry about.

Thank you


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