Ashleigh C.

United Kingdom

My husband, Ashleigh’s fight for cancer story and why I believe my husband would benefit from having a Peloton Bike.

My husband and I have had a very difficult three years, it all started in 2018 when we were expecting our first child but sadly, we had a traumatic birth and our beautiful son almost died. Our son ended up in intensive care for two weeks and as you can imagine this was a very stressful time but thanks to the wonderful NHS our little boy is now thriving. Shortly after my husband sadly found a lump on his testicle, the hospital then confirmed it was a testicular tumour that needed operating straight away due to its cancer stage even being so small. The operation went well by which we thought the cancer had been contained in the testicle but advised to have a course of chemotherapy to remove any cancer cells that may have travelled up the body. This turned out to be a long scary process of weekly blood tests for two months to discover that my husband had cancer cells spreading into his back that had built up in the lymph nodes in the back to cause three tumours that needed a high level of chemotherapy of three courses for nine weeks. During my husband’s chemotherapy treatment, he was very ill and could hardly spend time with his new baby boy, and this was very hard on him. After Ashleigh finished his chemotherapy, he needed regular scans and blood tests to see if the chemo had reduced or removed the tumours, but unfortunately the scans showed that the tumours were still present and a major operation was then required to remove the tumours and the surrounding lymph nodes around Christmas 2019. Ashleigh is now in remission but still requires regular blood tests and scans to keep a close eye on his health. He struggles to get motivated and really wants to improve his fitness and movement for his health and wellbeing, and I absolutely think that a Peloton Bike would help. He suffers from anxiety and depression that he struggles to get out of bed and get motivated. I really hope you can consider this comeback story and help me bring my husband back by improving his life.


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