Gemma S.

United Kingdom

My daughter Gemma

My daughter Gemma dealt with so much in 2021 and the journey continues for her. Her 14 year old son was involved in a collision with a car in May 21, he sustained life changing injuries and my daughter spent 7 weeks at his bedside in Bristol children's hospital. Gemma took Alfie on a journey of courage and bravery, despite multiple trips to the theatre and Alfie having reconstruction on his foot she always remained positive. When he was discharged he was still reliant on his mum for all his care needs - he was unable to walk. Alfie continues to improve and is now walking and expecting further surgery to refine the foot. Gemma has recently returned part time to work as a nurse whilst continuing to support Alfie with physio and hospital appointments. She has been the best mum and has never complained about her journey with Alfie, despite suffering herself from the effects of the trauma. Prior to Alfie’s accident, she exercised daily, it’s been a challenge finding time for herself recently but I know she would be delighted with a Peloton it would make such a difference to her own health and wellbeing being able to exercise at home whilst still caring for her family. I have attached a recent photo of Gemma - despite everything going on in her life she always manages to wear a smile


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