Simon H.

United Kingdom

My Big Brother - NHS Front-liner

As we all know, the pandemic has been horrible for us all, but for the people on the frontline who are putting themselves at risk day in and day out so the rest of us can be safe and stay home are the ones who are really having an especially tough time. My big brother is a Health Care Assistant at one of the UK’s biggest and busiest hospitals. He’s been working tirelessly, putting in extra shifts working in the ICU’s and fighting every day against this awful virus. My brother loves his cycling and it's clearly the escape he needs to stay strong. He has an old little cycle trainer thing which is terrible, but he still likes to FaceTime me and chat with me when he’s riding and we do some exercises and rides together. He’s an amazing brother who’s been through a lot in his life and if I could do this little gesture for him then it would be a great way of showing how much I appreciate him! 


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