Nicola B.

United Kingdom

My Best Friend is My Hero

Where do I begin? My best friend Nicola and I have been inseparable since we were 9 years old and during that time we have stood by each other through love, loss, happiness and grief. She is an amazing person and always puts the needs of others before herself despite her own pain and suffering. One of her biggest challenges was her quest to become a mother and unfortunately that ended in tragedy. After not being able to conceive naturally due to previous complications, Nicola and her husband underwent IVF treatment which was successful. Sadly, their daughter Amy was born sleeping on 14th March 2006. The phone call haunts me to this day. Further attempts at IVF failed and as Nicola adjusted to life without children of her own she became the most wonderful godmother and honorary Aunt to my daughters Emily and Isabelle. Unfortunately, that is not the end of the tragedy. Both of her parents have had serious health issues which has meant she has taken on huge caring responsibilities for them both. Tragically, after a valiant fight against Cancer, her father passed away before Christmas on 22nd December 2021. In his final months, she was there every day and every night despite the toll on her own physical and mental health as he insisted he wanted to remain at home until the end. My father was gravely ill when I ordered my Peloton and the community I found became my sanctuary. I simply wish the same for her. My father continues to fight cancer and there is no doubt in my mind that my bike and the community it brings with it has helped me cope. In her grief, I hope she finds the comfort and self care that I did. She has always said she loves the passion and enthusiasm I have for all things Peloton but has been unable financially to pay for one herself. The recent cost of care and funeral expenses have meant that this dream of having her own bike is further away than ever. I sincerely hope that you will consider this plea favourably. She is my hero and deserves it.


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