Rose H.

United Kingdom

Mourning loss, keeping fit and fighting COVID

My beautiful fiance Rose is a first year junior doctor here in Hampshire, UK. While the life of a junior doctor is known for its demanding responsibilities and less than kind working hours, COVID-19 took this to a different level. Harrowing images from Italian hospitals of patients on ventilators surrounded by faceless doctors and nurses in PPE at least gave some indication of what was to come. Though nothing could really prepare Rose and her colleagues for the influx of severely ill patients with a vicious and unpredictable illness which was little understood.

Yet Rose went completely above and beyond her scheduled hours and duties. With no visitors permitted on wards, Rose spent precious moments with dying patients who would have otherwise sadly died alone. Somewhat inevitably, Rose also caught COVID-19 and unknowingly passed it onto me! Thankfully our symptoms proved to be relatively mild...

Sadly in the midst of this gruelling experience, Rose's brother died very suddenly and unexpectedly. As he lived in St Lucia, Rose was unable to attend his funeral and she faced the daunting prospect of continuing to work unforgiving hours at the hospital, while mourning his death and comforting her mother in grief (who she was also unable to see).

But against the odds Rose worked through all of this and I am no doubt that Peloton played a crucial role in Rose's resilience. The high-energy and positivity of the classes, the ability to fit them round a busy schedule and participate in them anytime & anywhere (even during breaks in the doctors' mess!) were so important.

It seems clear to me that a happy and healthy doctor makes for happier and healthier patients. So as Rose continues her medical career, having a Peloton bike would increase her fitness, strength and optimism which has served her, and her patients, so well during these tricky times.



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