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Mental Health Breakthrough with Peloton

I don’t know who will finally be the person that gets this but I am going into it with trepidation as it’s very personal to me and I’m trusting it ends up in the right hands but I trust the community so I know it will be handled with discretion. I kept seeing the adverts and so I bought myself a very normal exercise bike last December and thought let’s see if this sticks and the starting price is a huge amount of £. Speed up and I’m now on my 600th ride.

But here is the history, when I was eight I was diagnosed with severe anorexia nervosa and was in and out of inpatient treatment 15 or more until the age of 21. I had pacemakers and had to be tube-fed and still have osteoporosis which is incurable. All my GCSE and A-Levels were done with supervision in hospitals. I am blessed after a fight at which death should have resulted, I managed to survive and fully recover.

However, such a long time with an illness that assaults your mind and body has left me with severe depression and BPD. Most days I can’t even leave my room let alone the house and here is where something life-changing has come into play. If you had told me a year ago that I would be so addicted to a bike I wouldn’t have believed you. From the first time I got on the first ride I loved it, I’ve been known to spend hours a day on it. If you had told me I would be this addicted I wouldn't have believed you. From my very first ride with Hannah, I absolutely loved it, most days it's the only thing I can manage to do and gives me stability for at least a few hours. 


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