Madeleine L.

United Kingdom

Madeleine's Story

I submit my story as an act of self love. In many ways, I don’t feel deserving or worthy but there is a small quiet voice deep down telling me to go for it and to own my story. 2021 was quite simply the worst of my life. In April, myself and my husband were violently assaulted by a group of teenagers in an unprovoked attack walking our dog. The physical injuries healed quickly but the trauma of what happened was huge. Then, in August, just as I was feeling a bit normal again, the c-bomb was dropped. I had visited the walk in centre with extreme bloating and reduced appetite. This turned into a full blown hospital stay and the worrying news it could be ovarian cancer. In September, I had major abdominal surgery and they discovered litres of mucinous jelly in my stomach. This resulted in a long wait for the pathology report. In November, I was told the devastating news it was definitely cancer. But which cancer was still to be decided. More agonising waiting. I did my best to focus on recovery but prepare for the unknown. In January, after visiting a specialist centre, I was finally diagnosed with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. A 4 in one million cancer. I was weirdly relieved after so much waiting and uncertainty. But I also couldn’t believe this was my life at 30. I had everything ahead of me or so I thought. It’s been a lot to come to terms with. I have just started fertility treatment and will need what they call the mother of all surgeries in the summer for a hope of a cure. They will remove multiple organs including my remaining ovary and pour hot chemotherapy in my stomach. Horrendous I know. The only thing I can do that will make any difference to this surgery is prepare my body for it. Already recovering from one major surgery, it is so important I rebuild myself and become as fit as possible. Having access to a Peloton and the encouragement of the community would be amazing physically and mentally after the hell of the last year.


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