Sarah H.

United Kingdom

Kicking Cancer's backside!

On 16th April 2019, I found a large lump on my left breast, my lump was removed and sent to the USA my biopsy confirmed that I had Triple Negative Breast Cancer, thankfully in the early stages, but pretty aggressive and difficult to treat.

On hearing the words chemotherapy - my first words were "well that's my hairdressing bill sorted for a while!.

I started chemotherapy in June 2019, 15 rounds of it in total. Everything you read or hear about chemo is true. When I have seen cancer/chemo patients in films and TC programmes with no hair, no energy and being sick, I have always thought that was the 'end of life' stage of cancer. How wrong was I?. My hair started to come out after the 2nd treatment whereupon I made the decision, and the only control I had to have it shaved off. By mid July it was all gone, taking along with it my eyebrows, eyelashes and nasal hair. By god, do you appreciate the role of nasal hair and eyelashes when you don't have any!!.

Chemo meant steroids which meant huge weight gain. Some days I couldn't stand up or walk, there is nothing pleasant having your 5 year old watch his Mummy crawl to the bathroom and back to bed.

Chemo finished thankfully in November 2019 after a short stay in Barnsley hospital following a scare of possible infection and Neutropenia. Chemo done, now time for radiotherapy. Just when you think you're body has been through enough with having had a chemical peel from the inside, radiotherapy burns your skin and leaves you wiped out.

2020 arrived, radiotherapy 23 rounds completed in January - now to reclaim my body or so I thought. Cancer treatment has left me with weak muscles, damaged nerves, weight gain, loss of self confidence and basically not recognising the person I see in the mirror. Covid pandemic has resulted in me shielding for 5/12 months, perfect chance to regain my body or so I thought. Every day my body is in battle with itself and with the effects of cancer. But I will, and am continuing to fight it!



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