Natalie M.

United Kingdom

The Journey of a Lifetime....

I would like to nominate my friend Natalie. Nat turned 40 this week and has spent the past, almost 10 years fighting a kidney disease. In 2012 she was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome via a routine health assessment at work. She was put on high dose steroids for a few years until in 2016 she fell pregnant. Both of her kidneys failed at 26 weeks and her son Josh was delivered by c section weighing just 1llb 13. There was a time when both were fighting for their lives. Josh stayed in the hospital for 12 weeks but Natalie was very poorly and had to be taken to a separate hospital for 6 weeks. She was unable to see Josh whilst doctors tried to stabilise her condition. She spent many months on dialysis (3 times per week) which as you can imagine with a small baby was not easy. In 2017, her sister, Nicola was found to be a perfect donor match and donated her Kidney to Nat. We had a lovely "Goodbye/Hello Kidney" afternoon tea party! Unfortunately, Nat's body, four days after the transplant, started to fail and her immune system started the attack the new kidney. She now has to have plasma exchange weekly at the hospital and will have to do so for the rest of her life. As a result of this, she is unable to be employed as her hospital visits are so regular. Natalie loves fitness and spends a lot of time participating in exercise to keep her body in an optimal condition. Having a Peloton Bike would be fantastic because it will provide the flexibility she needs between hospital visits. She can jump on her bike whenever suits her hospital schedule! She is a mum, a wonderful mum and amongst all of her turbulent years, she shines like a true star. She really is worthy and has been so brave and courageous through this journey. I have not once ever heard her complain. She really is a SuperStar.


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