Leigh M.

United Kingdom

Journey back to full fitness after heart surgery

This is my cousin Leigh. She is the most inspirational person I’ve ever met. She has Marfan syndrome which is a connective tissue disorder. Last year, she ended up having to get heart surgery due to the damage the syndrome had done to her heart valves. Her aorta was weakened and overstretched so it urgently needed to be replaced in order to save her life.
Her surgery went well but due to being on a bypass machine/ventilator her fitness level dropped to zero and she basically had to learn to walk again. After a period of resting and recovering, Leigh slowly built up how far she could walk and eventually turned to a fitness bike to help as it was the least amount of stress on her heart. Slowly but surely (and with some way to go) she has built up her fitness and whilst being nowhere near where she used to be (she was a massive gym bunny!) she is doing unbelievably! She used to be a keen spinner and is using lockdown to try to get back to where she was pre-surgery. She also lost her job (the same month as her heart surgery) so financing a Peloton for her at this moment is out of the question. The gift of a Peloton and a membership would be the perfect motivation for her to keep fighting until she is back to normal strength. She still gets exhausted easily and the Peloton and classes would be so great for her and such a great boost.


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