Kathryn S.

United Kingdom

I will be the best I can be - for myself and my family

The last 3 years of my life have been the hardest I’ve ever faced. In 2017 I lost my mum, was assaulted in front of my children in an unprovoked attack and our house flooded causing huge devastation. That was my run of 3 bad things that everyone talks about, or so I thought. Life has a way of testing you at the worst possible times! On 1st Jan 2018, while celebrating the new year, my 9 month old son had a seizure, a really bad one. At the hospital he continued to fit and they couldn’t tell why. To cut a long story short, after many tests, MRIs and a lumbar puncture, they discovered he has not 1, but 2 genetic disorders. The told me they didn’t know how he may develop but the picture they painted was bleak. I refused to give up on him. From that moment I decided to spend all of my spare time learning as much as I can about techniques that could help him; I have taught him to use sign language so he can now communicate and I’m doing all I can to help him be the best he can be. Fast-forward 2 years and he has exceeded everyone’s expectations. His paediatrician said she has never seen a child progress so well and believes it is from the effort I put in every day.

I am so proud of everything I have done and continue to do for my family. Unfortunately somewhere along the way I think I forgot about myself, I forgot you have to fix your own oxygen mask before helping others. I used food for comfort and stopped moving my body. I cancelled my gym membership as I felt my workouts took too long away from my family. I recently looked at myself in the mirror and I don’t recognise the person I see. I gave so much that I lost myself and it’s hindering me from giving more. I now understand that if I am to continue to give, I need to invest in myself, build my strength and become as resilient as I can. Getting moving again will help me and my family, so that is what I will do. I will be the best I can so I can continue to provide for my family.


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