Nick D.

United Kingdom

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I would like to nominate my brother Nick, he has spent most of his life living it to the fullest – travelling the world, taking part in extreme sports and being an adrenaline junkie all whilst serving the country in the army. In the early hours of 11th June 2020, Nick's life took a turn for the worst as he was involved in a major motorcycle accident which left him fighting for his life. His situation was critical, he came very close to death, he was put into an induced coma and remained in hospital for four months. During this time, he received the best care from the amazing doctors and nurses at the Royal London Hospital. He underwent a number of operations during this time but, due to the complexity of his injuries, it wasn’t a plain sailing road for him. But, whatever the hurdle, the team continued to do everything that they could and Nick carried on fighting. He sustained a lot of damage to his body which has left him with life changing injuries. He is still in recovery and has a long way to go with more operations and rehabilitation in the pipeline but admirably has tried to remain positive and optimistic. Over a year has passed now and what a year it has been. With life changing injuries, it has been both challenging and frustrating for Nick. From being a super fit active guy in the military, to having to learn how to walk again - this was far from a small bump in the road for him. Being in the army, fitness has always been very important to him and he has always enjoyed bikes in every aspect. It really is crazy to think he survived a tour in Afghanistan, but it was a short commute to work that knocked him off his bike. Being a service personnel he received amazing support from a charity called Blesma and Walking with the Wounded. Due to his injuries, he won’t be able to ride a motorbike again however I believe jumping back into the saddle is going to work wonders for his life both mentally and physically, I hope Peloton can help him to achieve this.



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