Colin R.

United Kingdom

Getting fit after donating kidney

I would like to nominate my Dad Colin who is a keen cyclist and has enjoyed any form of exercise from an early age. He keeps fit and exercise is important to him. In September last year (2019) he donated his kidney to my Mum who was in renal failure at the time due to a condition called amyloidosis. He did this without a second thought for himself and has been a total warrior with the operation and the recovery since. He has done all of this while supporting my mum through her recovery and thankfully because of his selfless donation she is now keeping well and her kidney function has improved greatly. The bike would be a massive benefit to my Dad as he continues to try and improve his fitness without having to leave his house and I think he would love the community that this bike brings along with it. My mum may also be able to have a shot on it from time to time as she feels able to do so. If you could consider him I would be grateful as I don’t think there is many more people that would be more deserving. Thanks,



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