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Fighting for mental and physical well-being after Post Natal Depression

My wife and I went through a really tough IVF journey 4 years ago and were so so lucky on our 3rd attempt to eventually fall pregnant. Our beautiful baby girl arrived safely into our lives and we were absolutely over the moon. Unfortunately, the stress and emotional fatigue of the whole process took a real toll and my wife started to develop symptoms of postnatal depression. She had a really hard few months, and then the pandemic hit. This made all of her stress and worries worse and combined with the isolation away from our friends and family support network, led to her having an emotional breakdown. She has been so so amazing to find the inner strength to get herself through this really tough period and is doing so much better. But she still has a long way to go to fully recover. She has always been fit and active, playing sport, running marathons, cycling and weight training regularly her whole life. This all stopped because her energy levels were so low during this hard time and she just didn’t have the motivation or drive to train. This lack of fitness compounded the problem as she felt even worse about herself. She is now in a place where she finally wants to start back exercising and I really think this will be such a positive step forwards for both her mental and physical well-being. With having our baby, we can’t really afford the time or money for a gym membership, so having a Peloton bike at home would absolutely transform her life and give her that motivation and vigour she needs to take the next step forward in her mental health recovery. She really is the most amazing mum and wife, and a super-strong human being, and this would really help her get to the next level of self-happiness. The support of the Peloton community will I hope make her feel less isolated and help her enjoy training again like she’s really part of a team.


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