Virginia H.

United Kingdom

Fighting fit in the face of adversity

I'm submitting on behalf of my amazing, incredible and inspirational mama, Virginia.

My mum hasn't had it easy, she came to the UK with me when I was just 2 years old, leaving her whole life in Mexico behind. I think she found the first few years really tough, she didn't know anyone, couldn't speak English and hated the cold! It wasn't always easy for her to be accepted and like many immigrants, faced some battles over the years including battery and assault by a racist neighbour a few years back. But.. my mum is a fighter, so she learnt English, made friends and went back to university to train as a nurse which has been her career for many years now. She was born to do be a nurse, she's the most upbeat, resilient, funny and caring person I know!

2020 was a tough year for everyone but as a nurse - a front line worker it seemed inevitably only a matter of time before she caught covid-19 in the autumn last year. It really took the wind out of her sails and for the first time in my life, my mum was no longer upbeat. I was genuinely scared for her. Mi mama lives on her own and not being able to visit or help her was so tough. We also received news of a family death in Mexico due to covid-19 last month which has been hard for everyone.

Months later, she still has symptoms of long covid, feels very tired and is still regaining her strength. She used to love going to the gym and I know that a motivation to get moving again and build back up to her former self is exactly what is needed. I would love for my mum to receive this donation, I know how much it would mean to her and I hope that it be one step towards getting her mojo back, she truly deserves it.


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