Lisa O.

United Kingdom

Fighting fit

My brother in law and sister in law both work in the NHS. They have a daughter of 15 and a son of 13 (who suffers from scoliosis and requires daily physio). During the pandemic, my brother in law regularly gave up holiday and worked 15-hour shifts for weeks in a row to support Covid patients. My sister in law supports children within the foster/child care community and faces difficult decisions on a day to day basis in respect of the best care for these children and how best to support this. I have never once heard them complain and they have tirelessly supported others throughout the pandemic whilst also supporting their family, often at the expense of any time to themselves. My brother in law has not been able to see his elderly parents in Ireland for well over 18 months. This was exacerbated when one Saturday in June my sister in law, Lisa felt pains in her stomach. She took to bed and hoped to feel better however the pain intensified and she was admitted to hospital. Within 24 hours she was in a high dependency ICU ward with regular monitoring and on more than one occasion the situation was critical. It turned out that she had gall stones that had blocked her pancreas and she was suffering from acute pancreatitis. After a stay in hospital for four weeks (during with time my brother in law juggled work, childcare and visiting her) she was discharged only to undergo an operation to remove her gallbladder two weeks ago. Due to muscle wastage, she has a long way to build up her strength. My nephew’s scoliosis has also worsened meaning he requires more daily activity. A Peloton would be perfect for them. It would allow my brother in law respite from work and give my sister in law the opportunity to build her strength up in her own home and at her own pace. I think they are incredibly deserving of this and it would be a fantastic end to what has been a terrible 18 months for the entire family.


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