Louise P.

United Kingdom

The fighter!

That’s me with the “30” headband and the girl next to me is my best friend. We’ve been best friends since we were 13 years old. We spent all our time together in our teen years, and we were inseparable.

She, like loads of other kids dealt with her parents divorce and separation. Then their new partners and marriages. She grew to love her new step father and step mother as much as she did her parents. I’ve always been proud of her for how she embraced the changes and saw the positive side of it all.

As we grew older, in 2019 her stepfather had been diagnosed with cancer, as was her stepmother, all within a matter of months. She pulled her family together, held them together and supported them all. During this, her mother was taken to hospital for routine surgery. The surgery, although routine, caused a bleed to her mum's brain and she suddenly and shockingly died. Just weeks later, after losing her mum so suddenly, her stepmother died too. The funerals were two weeks apart. I watched my best friend STILL hold her family together, care for her dad and her stepdad to make sure they were all okay.

On top of this, she has worked in care, caring for people with brain injuries and learning difficulties and is raising two amazing kids. Louise really does put EVERYONE before herself, and I have watched as she tries to lose weight and find time for herself and improve her health. Because of COVID we can’t see each other or run together, but I’d love to be there for her now and fight for her and support her on HER journey. I’d love to nominate my best friend so we can continue to be each other’s ride or die, through thick and thin, pandemic or not. I couldn’t be there for her through all the firsts after losing her mother and stepmother due to COVID, and support her at a time she needed a friend. Sometimes the fighter needs someone to fight for them too, and she needs this for HER. It’s time Louise put Louise first.


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