Eddie O.

United Kingdom

Eddie's Story

I was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 3 advance last September. Currently undergoing Chemotherapy then radio, surgery and follow-up Chemotherapy, a long road of treatment ahead! The Chemo I am on causes nephropathy and hyper-sensitivity to the cold making it impossible to get out on my bike. At the moment, I can get out for some jogs if the chemo allows, but need to be wrapped up and feel like the stay puff marshmallow man going for a run. It makes it even harder than it is already. Before Cancer hit getting on the bike was the one thing that kept me sane and fit and now I am struggling. I also struggle mentally to do any form of exercise at home and sometimes feel like it's spiralling out of control. My immune system is very compromised so I cannot attend any fitness classes and have to keep human contact to a minimum which is also very difficult mentally. It's not just the cycling but the strengthening and fitness programs they provide that would be invaluable. Having two small children also makes it difficult to do exercise so something focused and time efficient would be amazing. I always knew that physical and mental health were linked but since my diagnosis only now has it hit me how strongly how linked they are and I want to fight for both. I have a treatment plan, changed my diet completely to plant based and now all I need is the exercise part to fall into place and that is where Peloton would fill that final piece of this journey, this comeback.


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