Kiri B.

United Kingdom

Conquering doubt and fear

Both myself and my daughter are healthy individuals, and for that, I am truly grateful. My story is deeply personal about my journey to overcome fear and doubt through the ending of an abusive relationship. Last year, my husband physically assaulted me as my baby was asleep in the next room. Whilst this event was traumatic, I knew that if my daughter's safety was compromised, I had no choice but to leave. This is the trick of domestic abuse - feeling guilty for making a decision to choose life, and not abuse. One year on and despite the physical scars having healed, the emotional abuse and trauma that I’ve endured have taken much longer to heal, and I am still in that journey on recovery. Peloton has had a massive part in it. I am, thankfully, remembering and returning to the vibrant person I used to be. Cody reminds me of what joy can feel like. I am learning to overcome the fear and doubts of what I can achieve that have filled my mind for years, alongside the daily struggles of being a single, hardworking mother.

It’s difficult to explain how Peloton has helped me - I truly believe it has saved my life. The way that the instructors seem to know exactly how I’m feeling, and how they connect with me, it is amazing. I’ve been genuinely moved by their sentiments, sometimes even bawling as I cycle because their words touch my heart and uplift me (Christine D always gets the tears flowing!) I find myself using the positive affirmations through my day, and I always know that no matter how much it’s an internal battle to ‘get up and show up’ á la Alex Toussaint, once I’m in that class, I’m the person there that I’m striving to be - pushing harder, beating my own boundaries and celebrating life.

I often feel alone because I’m far away from my family and I don’t have many friends but the Peloton community has changed that for me. I feel like I have a huge family of cousins that I’ve yet to meet! Thank you Peloton. You really do change lives.


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