Tianna M.

United Kingdom

Comeback number 2

My sister Tianna was diagnosed with aggressive stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 31 just after the birth of her daughter. After a double mastectomy and 2 years of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and countless other treatments she got the all clear from her doctors.
Desperate for a second child, she was blessed to find a surrogate who helped her make that dream a reality.
A couple years ago, the doctors suggested that she have a full hysterectomy in order to avoid the cancer coming back. This procedure threw her into severe menopause without the possibility of any kind of hormone replacement to illeviate some of the symptoms.
1 year ago, 9 years after her original diagnosis having felt some pain in her chest she went back to her doctors as a precaution. Unfortunately they found that the cancer had returned metastasising in her bones in three places. This time it is stage 4 and not curable. She, and we all are remaining positive and believe that she will get through this and have a miraculous recovery. On top of the treatments recommended by her doctors she has completely adapted her diet in order to starve the cancer and continuing to exercise regularly between looking after her kids and working.
In the midst of everything, she decided to start with the vision to make the practice of art a powerful connector, widely accessible and integral to enhancing health. In just a short period of time they have managed to change the lives of patients and doctors alike through their incredible colouring boxes that they deliver to hospitals in the UK. They have also managed to keep people connected during the Covid crisis with people submitting sketches that can be dowloaded for free from their website and coloured in by others.
She never complains about what has happened to her always staying positive and looking to help others. She is an inspiration to me and a true hero.



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