Fiona B.

United Kingdom

Comeback - Fitter and Stronger

Eight years ago I became a single mum to my lovely girls, at the time they were 18 months and 4 years old. It's been an uphill struggle ever since juggling a sick baby with school runs, homework and court to finalise my divorce and financial settlement for child support. I've worked incredibly hard to give them a happy childhood and provide the basics whilst ensuring a fair amount of treats so that they don't feel left out or different from their friends. We are still surviving that abusive relationship. It's an ongoing daily struggle but I feel it's important that the girls learn that 'they are of value' and must not allow others to treat them badly but respect themselves and equally treat others with kindness and respect. I found the lockdowns very lonely but I focussed on the children's education and they went back to school ahead of where they should be in their individual year groups. I've been looking at purchasing a Peloton for over 12 months now. However, I have some money on credit card from purchasing the children's birthday and Christmas presents which I am struggling to clear. On the 23rd December 2021, my mother collapsed and I instinctively knew I needed to return to my home in Northern Ireland to be with her. On Christmas Eve morning I had to tell my girls their Grandmother was critically ill, to quickly open their Christmas presents and take a few things with them, we got on a flight that afternoon (another £1000 on credit card for last minute flights). My mother had two brain aneurysm's, the second ruptured and left her brain dead on Christmas Eve, I never made it back to her. On Christmas Day, I sat with her as they switched off her life support and she slipped away peacefully. To survive the next few months/years, I need to keep my mind and body strong for both myself and the girls. I cannot leave the children to go to a gym and I cannot afford a Peloton, but it's an ideal exercise at home option. Can you help?


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