Charlotte H.

United Kingdom

The climb is tough, but the view from the top will be worth it

Charlotte has been fighting a mental health battle since being brutally attacked by her ex-partner during the night whilst her two young children lay asleep. Charlotte endured unimaginable violence for several hours, broken ribs, dislocated jaw and several other breaks and mortifying injuries, Charlotte was rushed to hospital. The attack has left physical scars but it's the mental battle that has caused the most damage. Charlotte fell into a deep depression and has been too anxious and frightened to leave her home, she became a shadow of her former self. Charlotte's depression and anxiety became too much to handle alone and she had to seek medical assistance as she was at risk of losing everything, she lost her job, could potentially lose her two children. This was the kick start she needed to get help. Charlotte was advised that some form of exercise could help her mental health and anxiety, but joining a gym with strangers was not possible due to her social anxiety and increasing panic attacks. Charlotte had a friend who owned a Peloton Bike, to help with her mental health and wellbeing she offered her the regular use of sharing it. Charlotte fell in love with the Peloton Bike, the instructors and the community, it's given her balance, routine and a lifeline. Charlotte joined a Facebook group for Peloton users #UKLadiespeleton where she has made friends and in her words “doesn't feel so alone anymore.” When she's on the bike she's able to block the voices in her head and focus on the ride and uplifting positivity it brings. Charlotte lives daily by Christine’s mantra “ I Can. I will. I do.” Charlotte's life has improved beyond measure since being introduced to Peloton and its community. She no longer has access to her friend's bike. With loss of job and being a single mum, the financial strain means a bike of her own will never be possible. I fear for my dear friend without the use of Peleton she could face a downhill spiral, please help me to keep her climb alive.


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