Caroline S.

United Kingdom

Cancer does not define me

April 2021, my 41st birthday. I felt a lump in my armpit and assumed it was a swollen gland. A week later, I felt it again so went to see a doctor, expecting to be told it was nothing to worry about. How wrong I was. In less than 30 minutes, I had been examined, mammogram, ultrasound and a biopsy of suspicious lumps. I left an hour later, being told I had cancer. I had an intense two minute sob in the car then pulled myself together as I had to collect my children from nursery and school. It's what mums do. I was diagnosed with breast cancer with spread to my lymph nodes. The cancer in my left breast covered an area of 12cm. Yes 12cm, not mm. It was basically huge. And aggressive, grade 3. Chemotherapy started May 2021, a double mastectomy in November 2021 and 3 weeks of daily radiotherapy February ’22. The drugs, steroids and hormones mean my weight crept up every week of treatment, and with menopause being medically induced, it’s almost impossible to keep my weight stable these days. My hormones are all over the place! Before my diagnosis, I was going to bootcamps, park runs and was in the early stages of training for the London Marathon. At the moment, I cannot run as I suffered a hairline hip fracture and have been diagnosed with early stages osteoporosis. I don’t feel comfortable going to the gym due to the current risk of COVID and I hate to admit it but I am feeling a bit fragile after all of this treatment and don’t feel comfortable in a physical group. But I very much miss the group comradery. I would LOVE to use Peloton to get back to my pre-cancer fitness, get motivated to beat my disease and become part of the motivational community. I am not out of the woods yet and I will be on medication probably for the rest of my life, but I also know that a positive mindset can help with long term prognosis. I NEED to stick around and get health for the sake of my 2 young children. Peloton will also enable me to get active once the kids are in bed after dark.


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