Claire H.

United Kingdom

As brave as a lion and as radiant as a sunflower

I would like to introduce you to my friend Claire, one of the kindest and loveliest people I know. I first met Claire, her husband Gareth and their adorable boys, Tobias and Zakary a few years ago during a camping trip and we have remained friends ever since. Claire's favourite flower is a sunflower which is appropriate as she reminds me of one because she is always shining radiance with her beautiful smile and cheerful nature. Claire has a way of making you feel happy and relaxed in her presence. In September 2017, after many months of feeling exhausted, suffering with loss of balance and unexplained numbness, Claire was diagnosed with the lifelong, incurable condition Multiple Sclerosis. As you can imagine, this was a huge shock and it resulted in many invasive hospital procedures. Despite this, and true to her nature, Claire harnessed her inner strength, bravely facing each one in a determined way. Over the past three years, Claire’s coordination and balance have declined. Where she used to enjoy going to the gym, she now feels self-conscious working out in the presence of strangers, and it has consequently had an impact on her confidence and self-belief. As an incredibly grateful recipient of 'The Comeback' scheme myself, I know what a positive effect being gifted a Peloton has had on my life. For Claire to be able to work out in the comfort of her own home, at a time when she is feeling well enough to do so and not having to worry about whether she is being watched by or can keep up with others, would be life changing for her. Claire stumbles easily and so I know having the security of being ‘clipped in’ to a Peloton would overcome that obstacle too. I for one, know and appreciate how powerful the Peloton online community is. Claire is a real people person and I know that she would benefit from being part of this movement too. She has been through such a difficult time and I believe that the gift of a Peloton would help her value and believe in herself again.


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