Hannah C.

United Kingdom

Being Mum & Dad

Every year myself and my husband would go on holiday with Andrew, from our early 20s. Hannah came along in our mid-20s and joined the party. Andrew and Hannah made a great team and when they married it was a wonderful celebration of love. In 2006 Orly came into the world and Andrew was besotted with his daughter. In 2009 Andrew’s mini-me, Brody was born. Andrew and Brody were inseparable. Going to see his club Man United every weekend and Andrew was an amazing role model for him. Andrew was funny, kind, but real, often mocking himself and others.

Andrew had been on a fitness journey. In our youth he was obese & he had become such an inspiration. He had been running 10k a day for a couple of years & decided to train for a marathon. Getting up at 6am every day to train outside with friends. He was strong and athletic.

One cold November morning in 2017, my husband was on the train from Manchester to London and called me - urgently telling me Andrew had had a heart attack. He’d been warming up outside his house and collapsed. He got on the return train immediately. I was in disbelief. Andrew was young, 41 and so healthy now. He surely would be fine. Sadly that wasn’t to be and Andrew passed away suddenly. The shock to our friends and community rippled through. We said goodbye and held his hand before they turned off the life support. Hannah and the kids were numb with grief.

Hannah was a stay at home mum. Since then, she’s moved house to something more affordable & is retraining using her law background. She suffers with her mental health but is never afraid to reach out. She recently bought herself a spin bike and does the Peloton classes. She knows she needs her own fitness journey to be strong for her kids. I believe this would be a life-changing gift for Hannah & I hope with all my heart that my dear friend can be considered. She is currently fighting an eye condition which is causing her vision to deteriorate in her left eye. This would give her hope.


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