Aoife M.

United Kingdom

Anthony's battle

Anthony works as a construction manager, driving miles around the UK, Anthony loves sport and regularly plays football, driving so many miles has had a massive impact on his fitness having to eat on the go. In the run up to Christmas, our family was struck with covid, we all seemed to be doing ok, but Anthony started to become very unwell to the point I decided to call the doctor, the doctor sent for an ambulance. Myself and our children waved Anthony off. A short while later, I received a text message from Ant telling me he feels better, he is on 60% oxygen. My heart nearly stopped I knew that was serious as I work in care and understand oxygen levels. 2am in the morning I received a call from an ICU doctor explaining that Anthony has become critical and they are preparing a bed to put him on a ventilator, and that she would try her best for him but things didn't look good he had covid pneumonia in both lungs and some kind of heart problem and blood clots around his heart and lungs. Time stood still. How could this be, he is 35. Hours and hours passed and my phone rang again around 6.25 am with the lovely ICU doctor on the other end, she said I have absolutely no idea how your husband has done it, he has been face down prone position with his elbows to hold him up for hours and it takes a very strong person to do this. She said he is still very sick and could have a massive set back but she was happier with him and at this time not needing the ventilator. As days passed in the hospital, Anthony worked so hard to get better and on the 23rd December, he came home. He was so weak and on a lot of medication for blood clots. Christmas was truly awful for our children so happy to have Daddy home, but he was so sick and in normal times would probably still have needed to be in hospital. Anthony has worked well and has lost a couple of stone but, with no gym open, it's hard. The hospital has flagged a heart problem which is more than likely sleep apnea and weight is a massive factor.


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