Angela R.

United Kingdom

Angela’s story of pain, Pilates & bowel cancer

I am Angela, Pilates teacher, hypnobirthing and Women’s Wellness Coach. More importantly I am a single mum to 3 children, my eldest is also deaf and has ASD. I became a Pilates teacher after 20 years of chronic pain due to congenital hip disorder. I had multiple rounds of reconstructive surgery and then eventually both hips replaced. Since June 2016 I have been pain-free. However with my pain gone I still didn’t feel very well. I was constantly dismissed by my GP as an anxious tired mum, so much so that during my third pregnancy I was put on anxiety medication and sent for CBT. My gut instincts were right though and 5 months after my third daughter was born I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. It had spread to my rectum and I had two-thirds of my rectum and three quarters if my sigmoid colon removed. They tried chemotherapy but I went into organ failure. As if this wasn’t bad enough luck covid then hit and with me a Pilates teacher and my then-husband as a massage therapist our business was hit badly. I had to work twice as hard teaching on zoom to support my husband and kids. It culminated in my husband taking up gambling and losing half my life savings and lying about it to me. We are now divorced. I would love a Peloton bike as getting out to exercise is not an option for me and I’d love to be able to do something for myself and get stronger too.


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