jonathan L.

United Kingdom

100 mile cycle for charity after brain surgery

I’ve known Jonathan for over 20 years. He has been a mentor, friend and business neighbour. He is always one to help others and provide support so when I saw your competition I thought it was payback time! Jonathan will be 70 on his next birthday, he’s an architect and keen cyclist. In 2012, he noticed tremors, stiffness, and that his handwriting was getting smaller and smaller. Over a period of 4 years, he underwent many tests and therapies but was only diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2016. Not being able to draw affected his work as an architect and he experienced serious depression. In 2017, he heard about a new treatment called Deep Brain Stimulation which means that implants would be embedded in the frontal lobes of his brain. He then spent 2 years persuading his medical team that he was a good candidate for the procedure. He had the 4.5 hr operation in March 2019 and spent the next 10 days in hospital. After one month the stimulation was activated and the results were miraculous, the tremors were all but eliminated. He restarted cycle training one month after his operation as he was determined to do the Prudential 100 mile challenge - which he did on August 4th 2019 when he raised £7000 for the Parkinsons Disease charity.
One year on he’s doing fine, cycling and spinning away. He has some balance problems and walking is tough but cycling is his passion. If we get another lockdown, having a Peloton will keep the depression away and enable him to keep fit. The photograph shows Jonathan finishing the 100-mile cycle ride supported by his two sons. His inspiring blog can be found here


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